The Power of Good Advice


Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing Events

To be successful, “brands” have to think like a publisher, content creator and experiential marketer.

 We do that by creating authentic and custom branded stories of a new brand through a network of “Toy Tips” approved influencers.  Each member on our team of influencers is put through rigorous verification checks on authenticity. Our strength is celebrity and teen social influencers and millennial moms reaching digital channels, mainstream media and earned placements.

Marianne personally oversees every project and is the point of contact. Our team buckets content into categories to maximize reach, adhere to FTC rules on social platforms and highlights corporate assets for best engagement.

Coaching and Consulting Services

Marianne is a mentor to those on their own entrepreneurial journey providing advice and business coaching.   She is a consultant to new businesses, existing business projects and rising entrepreneurs.  All clients are given an opportunity to tap into Marianne’s network, which is an asset when creating business pitch competitions, casting entrepreneurs for producers and even 1:1 coaching sessions.

1:1 Personal Media Training

Media training for ½ day, full day and SKYPE sessions.

Marianne spent more than 20 years growing the Toy Tips brand, creating media and social platforms, publishing magazines and becoming an influencer with activation/reach and earned media placements. Companies and individuals are given personal training on moving a brand forward in front of the camera and in a digital space.

Freelance Writing

Marianne offers advice through articles for business owners on all facets of entrepreneurship. She is a published author, Professor of Entrepreneurship and is currently teaching at the University of Southern California Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. She also writes case studies for Harvard Business School Publishing.