The Power of Good Advice

Business Coaching

Marianne has been a mentor to many rising entrepreneurs for eleven semesters teaching Entrepreneurship to undergraduate and graduate students at both the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA and Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. 


Her expertise and training come from nearly three decades of owning her own business and managing a team as a trusted toy testing and research organization.   Marianne believes everyone is able to create and develop their own personal brand,  “It's the right mix of confidence, a viable and profitable idea and understanding  your own personal values that can set any entrepreneurial dream into a journey.” -Marianne  


Marianne’s expertise in personal business coaching provides fuel for dreamers wishing to be active entrepreneurs growing start-ups and rising entrepreneurs looking to expand current small businesses. Corporate clients include businesses in need of media training, casting entrepreneurs for production, licensing IP property for creative or brands working with teen social influencers on brand activations.